Q1. Is your questions the same as what is being tested?

Ans : We try our very best to ensure that the questions are as close as what is being tested by consulting those who have take the actual test.

Q2. Is there any trial period or papers for us to try it out first before we decided to purchase from you?

Ans : Yes. You may take a look at the type of questions from our Sample Questions page before making any decision.

Q3. How to get the test paper after making the payment? Will you send to me via email?

Ans : You can download the test paper (in pdf format) after making the payment. However, you will need to download it within 72 hours.

Q4. What if I delete my test papers accidentally after purchasing

Ans : You may contact us and let us do a verification that you have really purchased the paper from us. Once verified, we will send you the paper again.

Q5. Can I re-print some of your questions on my own website or practice papers?

Ans : No. You are not allowed to re-print, re-published, re-distributed the test paper to anyone else except yourself. As we reserved the copyrights of the test papers.

Q6: Is your price in your website in USĀ or Singapore Dollar?

Ans : All the pricing are in SGD.

Q7 : Can I pay by Bank Transfer?

Ans : Yes you can. You can Contact Us if you wish to purchase through Bank Transfer. We will reply you on the steps of doing so.

Q8 : How secure is your website, if I pay by credit card, will my details be hacked?

Ans : Your payment by credit card will not come to us. All payment will be to through Paypal, which is a secured payment gateway.