Below are some of the questions that you may get when taking the test. Remember to read the questions carefully as it can be quite tricky sometimes.

Depends on the type of certification you are taking, for CEI(KAH), you may have up to 2 hours to complete the entire 80 questions. However, for CEI(Basic), you will need to complete the test within 1hour 15mins.

Sample Questions 

Q1. Joseph will like to set up an Employment Agency which only focus on Local and Foreign Workers. Which kind of Licensing Framework should he apply?

a. Comprehensive Licence (All)

b. Comprehensive Licence (Locals only)

c. Comprehensive Licence (non-FDW)

d. Select Licence

Q2. Alvin runs an Employment Agency. However, his licence has been suspended. He approached you, who is also the owner of another Employment Agency to submit some work pass application for him. Your employment agency will

a. No offence committed

b. Warning letter will be issued to you for first time offence

c. Similar to that of operating an unlicensed Employment Agency

d. None of the above

Q3. Samuel is a S-Pass holder earning a minimum fixed monthly salary of $6,000 per month. He wants to bring his Common -law spouse into Singapore. Samuel can apply ______

a. Family Pass

b. Long Term Visit Pass

c. Dependent’s Pass

d. Social Visit Pass

Q4. A child who is between 13 to 15 years old, can work as

a. A waiter serving drinks

b. A factory worker

c. A construction worker

d. All of the above

Q5. Both Joyce and her husband are Singapore PR. She delivers her baby in Malaysia. They will not register their baby as Singapore Citizen. Joyce will be entitled to _______ of Maternity Leave?

a. 12 weeks

b. 16 weeks

c. 8 weeks

d.0 weeks

Q6. A worker is covered under WICA, when _____________

a. Involve in fighting with colleague and injured during the fight

b. Injure due to the influence of alcohol

c. Injure while traveling to work in the transport provided by the company

d. Involve in a traffic accident when making a personal detour

Q7. David is a student working part time after his “O” level examination. He earns $500 per month.

a. His employer will need to contribute CPF for him

b. His employer will not need to contribute CPF for him

c. CPF contribution is not mandatory for him

d. CPF contribution are not payable for “O” level student

Q8. An Employment Agency that has not been operating for 3 months, MOM will

a. Do nothing to it

b. Issue a warning letter to the KAH of the agency

b. Revoke the licence of the agency

c. Call up the Employment Agency Inspector

Q9. A Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holder can start any kind of business in Singapore, except

a. Employment Agency

b. Web Development Firm

c. Foodcourt

d. None. As PEP cannot start a business

Q10. Minimum working age of an FDW working in Singapore must be :

a. 18 years old

b. 21 years old

c. 23 years old

d. 25 years old

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